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Pearl Abraham is the author of, most recently, The Seventh Beggar and American TalibanThe Seventh Beggar was a finalist for the Koret Inter’l Award in Fiction.  Animal Voices, Mineral Hum, her first collection of stories, was shortlisted for the 2018 Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction by Judge Aimee Bender.  Her essays and stories have appeared on LitHub, Longreads, Michigan Quarterly and Epoch.  “For the Sins…” was a notable in Best American Essays.  “Hasidic Noir,” from Brooklyn Noir, received the Shamus award for best short story.  Abraham is the founding editor of the literary webpage SforSentence.com and an Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing. 

Profiles & Interviews

Bomb Magazine by Aryeh Lev Stollman

New York Times by Dinitia Smith

Recent Publications:

"Forgiving the Patriarchy," Part One can be read here: https://www.nu-detroit.com/forgiving-the-patriarchy-1/

"Forgiving the Patriarchy," Part Two can be read here: https://www.nu-detroit.com/forgiving-the-patriarchy-2/

"Tree Worship" can be read at here.

"Blue Roof," can be read here.

Maria-Irina Popescu's "Reimagining Traitors: Pearl Abraham's American Taliban and the Case of John Walker Lindh can be read here.

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